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Curtis Patterson - Koto 箏: Photos

Morton Arboretum
Morton Arboretum
WIth Cellist Kasia at Choukei-ji Temple, Chiba
Morton Arboretum
Outside my cottage door at Susan and David's, Orcas Island
Morton Arboretum - Lisle, Illinois
Prairie flower - Morton Arboretum
Morton Arboretum
Morton Arboretum
Rice fields in Kawauchi-mura, Fukushima
At Shiga's in Kawauchi-mura, Fukushima
More flowers in Kawauchi-mura
Looking down onto the Hirota Bay, Rikuzen Takada, Iwate
Took a morning stroll along the beach, Hirota Bay, Rikuzen Takada
Sakura on the Noto Peninsula at Monzen-cho, April 12
tokyo moon

Curt & Bruce

WIth Susan in Seattle 8/13/08
Bruce at The Living Room, East Sound, Orcas Island
Curt & Bruce
At Chionsha in Kyoto April 13
Under the Cherries in the Peace Park, Hiroshima
After the first concert of the tour, with our new friends at Saikoji, Miyoshi Hiroshima
The gang at Ginga no Hotori in Sukagawa Fukushima, delicious!! natural foods! and organic sake!
At Sojiji Temple in Monzen-cho, Noto - April 11
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