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Curtis Patterson - Koto 箏: Music

Sunday Afternoon

(Curtis Patterson - Koto 箏 / Bruce Huebner - Shakuhachi 尺八)
by Curtis Patterson
A new recording of Sunday Afternoon, from the upcoming Curt & Bruce CD 風紋 - Tracings

Curtis Improv Orcas

(Curtis Patterson - Koto 箏)
August, 2008
Improv recorded by Susan Osborn, Summer 2008

Rokudan 六段

(Curtis Patterson ・koto 箏)
From Curtis Patterson's solo CD "Oto no Wa"

backyard - first movement

(with members of Soemon 箏衛門)
Original composition for four kotos by Curtis Patterson

backyard - second movement

Improvisation 2/14/02

(Curtis Patterson - Koto 箏)
Shoko Hikage, Ryuko Mizutani and Curtis Patterson at The Luggage Store in San Francisco

0K4Q1 - First movement "Grave"

(Curtis Patterson - Koto 箏)
Composed by Joseph Amato in 2004, this work for string quartet and 13-string koto is in four movements - Grave, Con moto, Cantilena con molto espressivo and Presto.

0K4Q1 - Second movement "con moto"

0k4q1 - third movement "cantilena con molto espressivo"

0k4q1 - fourth movement "presto"


(with Atsuko Kida, jushichigen 十七弦)
Composed by Hideaki Kuribayashi for koto and jushichigen (bass koto)