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Curtis Patterson - Koto 箏: Links

近くで聞いて見て感じてほしい 変幻自在な箏の音の素晴らしさ 箏・三味線奏者 カーティス・パターソンさん(1)
さわれば音が生きるお箏 無限の可能性に引かれ続ける 箏・三味線奏者 カーティス・パターソンさん(2)
Paulownia Dragon - part 1
YouTube documentary by Sean Hamilton, with interview and performance footage. Be sure to see both parts.
Paulownia Dragon - part 2
Susan Osborn
A wonderful musician and such a great friend.
Bruce Huebner / Shakuhachi
Duo Partner - check for info on "Curt & Bruce" and Bruce's other gigs.
Nagauta Shamisen - Makoto Nishimura
A great new site, with a bounty of information - totally in English! My friend Makoto has been teaching shamisen, flute and drums mainly to the foreign community here in Tokyo for many years. Her yearly concerts, often held at traditional Noh theaters feature a wide variety of music and dance - including not only traditional Nagauta but also Noh Shimai and Koto!
Fellow Sawai koto/shamisen player Iseki Kazuhiro's site. In Japanese 琴・三味線演奏家、作曲家 井関一博のサイト
Magnificent Obsession : Frank Lloyd Wright's Buildings and Legacy in Japan
A documentary film produced, directed, photographed, and edited by Karen Severns and Koichi Mori. Written by Karen Severns. Music director, Curtis Patterson.
沢井忠夫記念館 Sawai Tadao Kinenkan
This very new site commemorates the 70th anniversary of Tadao-sensei's birth.
I've been with this group from it's start more than 10 years ago. Planning a Tokyo concert for early October 2008.
音楽プロジェクト ここふた
音楽プロジェクトここふた」は、「音楽を以って社会に貢献する」ことを目的とする 任意団体です。 こえ・こと(弦楽器の総称)・ふえ(吹奏楽器の総称)・たいこ〈つづみ〉(打楽器の 総称)の頭文字をとって名付けました。 平成16年11月1日設立。 現在、得意なジャンル:箏・三味線・尺八等の邦楽
Ichiro Takabatake
My friend Ichiro's site. He speaks a little English, but the site is in Japanese.
Kazuyuki Shiotaka - Biwa Homepage